1. Front pattern for my promo card final in Digital illustration.  I love working like this!

  2. Here’s a little zine that I made for my Concepts and Metaphors final. It’s about apartment hunting during finals and loosely based off of the nursery rhyme “Three Men in a Tub.”

    PS featuring Colleen & Zach!

  3. Uncolored version of a pattern I’m working on! I’m pretty excited to see how this one turns out :)

  4. Professional practice final: a book cover for a modern retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk.

  6. Some linework for an upcoming pattern. Brush pens are a game changer.

  8. I recorded myself drawing for an hour the other night.

  9. Look, I do things other than illustration!

  10. tumblropenarts:

    Artist Name: Hannah Ziemke

    Tumblr: hannahziemkeillustration.tumblr.com

    New url!

    I was on Tumblr open arts a few days ago!